puppiesSentinel Shepherds is a licensed canine training center located in Port Hadlock, Washington. Our mission is to always exceed the customers expectations and to provide the highest quality of training services to ensure a happy, obedient, well-behaved companion and/or service dog at the right price.  

All Ages and Breeds are welcome.  We have many options available for the loyal family companion, sporting dogs and the most advanced service canines.  Our experienced trainer and helpers specialize in behavioral issues for your specific training needs.  Zack

 At Sentinel Shepherds our clients come first! We offer In-Home training to accommodate your busy schedule and specific needs. For our clients with a more flexible schedule we have Group or One on One classes starting weekly. Continuous Education Classes are also offered for canines with previous training. Come train in comfort in our 650 Sq. Ft. heated canine training facility. Lots of room to run at the 5000 acre training field!   Our staff looks forward to assisting you with your needs and developing your dogs full potential! 

 Call Us Today at 360-301-5098 for a Free Evaluation!      boston terrier                           

  This year insure your puppy is at his/her best behavior!  Prevent jumping up on friends and neighbors! Chewing on your favorite shoes! Digging holes in your landscape or chewing on your furniture!   Last year did frustration keep you from truly enjoying your time spent with your pet? Would the postman appreciate coming to your doorstep this year? Let SENTINEL SHEPHERDS help you prevent any embarrassing mishaps with your pet this year. Call us today!  Start tomorrow!   No matter the breed, size or problem, we can help! 


Don't forget our Gift Certificates make a thoughtful gift!!!                      

Congratulations to our K9 clients and their owners in achieving their Begleithunde (BH) titles!!!  Sentinel Shepherds is very proud of all their hard work and accomplishments. 

pepper bh


 Nalinda von Schraderhaus (Pepper) and her owner Tom. 


 Tetlin Lytle vom Klatoklin (Turbo) and his owner Mitch.

IMG_1347Max and his owner Jan

Iberia and her owner Cynthia.

If you've ever wondered if your dog could do more and you would like to experience the feeling of accomplishment and pure joy these owners felt when their companions received their BH titles.   Then we invite you to come out on our Saturdays and observe the fun and training exercises our customers enjoy as they work toward their goals in achieving their titles.  Call for directions and times.

    Never give up on your pet or think your problem is to great to fix or that you think it would take to long.   Call us today and let us help, like we've done for Angie and many others...
      "Tim, I just want to say thank you so much for helping us with Bounder. When the vet said to put him down before you get sued or he attacks one of your kids. I was at the end of my rope, and had already spent so much money on training that just wasn't working with him, and now he has graduated from your class! It was so great to watch my daughter on graduation day working with him and smiling! I can never say you THANK YOU enough for all that you have done! Your the best! 
Thank you so much!!!!!!!"  Angie



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    Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in your car,

in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.    Dave Barry



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